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Why I Started


I have discovered that in our society today,  there is a value missing to fully develop one's most inner, inherent potential. Mostly the focus is set on the body only and the mental aspects and the emotions are often left behind or ignored. Out of this understanding I developed this holistic MINDFULYOU Coaching project to help you lead a more harmonious, balanced and happy lifestyle in whatever you are into: arts, sports, studies, work,.....


The method I am proposing is to incorporate  a Body- Mind - Emotional Work: a trinity to stimulate inner skills and to become the best of ourselves.  

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Coaching Programs

The method I am proposing is beneficial for adults and kids, groups or individuals.

With the holistic approach based on body, mind & emotions, a connection is established within, resulting in better performance, self-esteem & confidence.

Body Work

Yoga at Home

Muscles & joints

We focus on core strengths where needed, but flexibility, smooth & soft muscles as well as healthy and flexible joints are very important aspects in our body work.

Thus helping to prevent inflammations, accidents, soreness, bad body postures or rheumatism.

Mental Work


Relaxation & Focus

Effective methods to calm the mind and to induce deep relaxation is foremost a very important aspect as there is an intimate relation to the body our whole being benefits from. Once this is mastered, other interesting aspects of the mind can be introduced such as visualisation, focus and concentration. 

Emotional Work

Serenity & Positivity

The emotions are part of the mind thus there is impact during the Mind Work already.

However, in this section we focus mainly on tools to handle negative emotions like anger, fear, jealousy, sadness, etc. and how to channel them in order to transform them into positive ones. 

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The way
to beautiful 


Success Stories

L’intervention de Corinne a été citée plusieurs fois dans les « Highlights » du cours, à juste titre.

Charles P.

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Corinne Tinguely Albertano

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