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About Me

Hello, I am Corinne.

I am a full heartedly professional coach and have been accompanying beautiful human beings since 2007 in a holistic manner including body, mind & emotions.


My Story
My Mission 

I got fully inspired to launch this MINDFULYOU Coaching project on an early sunny morning walking my dog in the fields. My boys are passionate hockey players and they love what they are doing. However, I discovered how physically stiff and inflexible they have become over the years being still kids! Their training is great, the coaches and the techniques they offer very professional! And still, an important value was missing. 


I had the same experience whenever I was coaching sport trainers in the national sport center of  Magglingen (Switzerland), independent of what kind of sports they were into. The stiffness in the body as well as the stress and pressure level in the mind were very high. The accumulation of these aspects resulted in the inability to handle mental or physical tensions effectively. However, after just one MindfulYou coaching session, they felt a great value that could transform their lifestyle & their work for the better.


My experiences didn't stop with this awareness, I met more & more people who are helpless when it comes to handling physical discomfort, mental tensions and disturbed sleep due to an ongoing mental activity, often filled with negative emotions. After all, nowadays no one learned from childhood how to handle emotions, calming the mind, focussing on our strengths & developing our inner potential....and here I see my mission to support kids to adults to become the best of themselves.

So this is it, my concept of a holistic approach in arts, sports, study or work through MINDFULYOU Coaching.


Through my intense studies on the human body as a whole, I realised that there is an inseparable link with the mind. Thus the in depth understanding of the functioning of the mind and the source of emotions have been my second focus.

 I came to the conclusion that body, mind and emotions are all truly linked together like a spider's web, an individual has to be seen as a whole in order to unleash the most inner potentials and to become the best of oneself. 

Furthermore, I speak German, French & English fluently and offer my services in all 3 languages.

Education & Certificates


RYE France

Kids Training



Medizinische Grundlagen


Sake Bildungszentrum

Medizinische Grundlagen I & II

2006 - 2013

BSY, SY Academy

Diploma of SY Training & Yogic Studies

Yearly progressive trainings to deepen the knowledge and to better serve & understand people's needs

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